Cross Counter
Great show and also home to the Excellent and Marvelous Adventures with gootecks and Mike Ross, one of the main inspirations for our show.

VirtualDojo Vienna
The first austrian fighting game association. Great people doing an awesome job. If you happen to visit Vienna anytime and care about fighting games, pay them a visit!

Hardedge Forum
Best place to connect with german speaking fighting-game players.

The Shadowloo & Gamerhold
Home of our australian friends who are dedicated and hellbent on supporting the fighting game community.

Trash Shirts
Unlike the name suggests, the apparel they produce is of the best quality. As you can see from our Super Scrub Fighter hoodies and shirts.

Team Spooky & iPLAYWINNER
Home of some of the best streams in the business. Some clips of which you can see in our intro.

Strengthening and supporting the community and also producing quality streams. Check our intro for an hype example.

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