I still remember the first time I saw Street Fighter on an Arcade Machine in Italy back in the early 90′s. Little did I know how much impact that encounter would have later on in my life…  As I live in Austria, there was no chance for me to play that game here. Until one very special day, when my dad showed up with Street Fighter 2 for the SNES. My mind was blown away. I had to play this game every single minute of my spare time – luckily I had lots hehe.

So the years passed, along with other addicitve games such as the Zelda Franchise. I forgot the meaning of “sunlight” and “playing outside” but it was worth it ;)

Then, after a decade of not playing Street Fighter, Capcom announces SSF4 for the PS3. I was hyped from the very first second. I knew this will bring up old memories again. Day 1 purchase was obligatory.

Luckily I managed to pull Dansen into it too. Wasn’t that hard though hehe. So, our legendary SF sessions started. I soon realized that the standard PS3 pad wasn’t accurate enough and since I was a pad player all my life, I changed to the Madcatz Fighting Pad. I love doing the trials but hate using those combos in real matches because I fail badly most of the time ;)

Well that’s about it. Enjoy the show!

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