Born in 1980 and playing videogames for almost as long as I can remember, my only prior experience on a competitive level was with Quake3Arena and especially the mod RocketArena3. After playing in various clans I finally quit in early 2008 due to real life kicking me in the balls for spending all my spare time in a virtual world.

Besides the obvious Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES (who hasn´t played that game?), all I played fighting-game wise were various incarnations of the Virtua Fighter franchise, most of all Virtua Fighter 3 on a lonely arcade machine near my school in a video rental store. I never really got beyond the initial button mashing phase tho.

It was Harry who convinced me to try out Street Fighter IV when it was first released for PS3 and it only took a couple of playing sessions to get me completely hooked. Since my last experience with fighting games was on an arcade machine, I just couldn´t get used to playing on a pad. Shoutouts to MadCatz for creating the TE fightstick, which obviously didn´t elevate my skill but at least made the game playable for me.

Street Fighter IV came and went but it wasn´t until Super Street Fighter IV and the introduction of Juri that I started to take the game seriously. I followed as many streams as possible, subscribed to countless youtube channels and bookmarked SRK, Eventhubs and countless others. And eventhough I still think it´s mindnumbingly boring, I do visit the practice mode here and there to work on combos and my execusion.

Only recently, with the birth of the VirtualDojo Vienna, we realised that there was a community for Street Fighter in Austria after all. And after some beers, another playing session and some episodes of Excellent Adventures, the basic idea for a project, that would highlight our small fighting game scene, was born.

With Harry taking the position of our video editing and creative mastermind, I will take care of all things Website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on.

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