Two 30-somethings from Linz, Austria trying to get better at
fighting games in generel and Super Street Fighter 4 in particular.

That is the basic premise of our show.


Our most prominent inspiration was the Excellent Adventures series by Mike Roos and gootecks. Although right from the start it was clear that there would be one obvious deviation from their shows’ format: Instead of showing pro-players trolling on PSN and XBL, people would get to the see the scrubs point of view and the desperate struggle to improve our game and our battle points.

With this goal set in stone, we quickly came to the conclusion that just watching us lose in online matches might not be entertaining enough to fill at least a season worth of episodes. Thusly our shows’ main purpose was born: To capture as much as possible of the small but dedicated fighting game scene in Austria.

Whenever our busy schedule allows, we will travel to tournaments, visit players in and around Austria and invite guest players to spice up the monthly shows.


Another thing to note is that although most of our shows will be in english, we might have some in german aswell (with subtitles). I guess even if you don´t understand a single word, you still might have some fun with those videos.

As I write these lines, we still have to produce our first show, which means that the structure of each episode and the show in general are subject to change and evolve. Nonetheless I hope we will be able to fulfill our main goals:
Create entertaining content and show the rest of the world that there is a dedicated fighting game community in Austria.

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