Super Scrub Fighter – S01E07 – VirtualDojo Vienna Edition

We packed up our recording equipment and went to the VirtualDojo Vienna to participate in the season 1 finals of the VanDammage Ranking Battles and record episode 7.

VirtualDojo Vienna

VirtualDojo Vienna

This episode is all about the VirtualDojo Vienna itself, including an extensive interview with Sidar, the head of the first official austrian fighting game association.

He will explain how the VDV came to be, what they are trying to accomplish, what events we can look forward to and what their future plans look like.

As a bonus you´ll get the full-length match-videos of the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike tournament (here is the playlist)!

To the event itself:
We had a blast to say the least! Unfortunatly much fewer people showed up than we had hoped for, which is most probably because both for the SSF4:AE and the SF3:TS tournament the winner was decided before the games even started. They had accumulated so many points throughout this ranbat season, that no one would have been able to close the gap.

This fortunately didn´t hold back the players who came from getting mad hype. We set up a station, connected our recording equipment, set up chairs and the now infamous “hype couch” and went at it.

For Harry it was the first time he played in the ranbats. He couldn´t get used to the lagless screens in time and I guess he was generally a bit nervous, but he had some solid games and I expect him to make some points and hold his ground with the best in season 2.

I was unlucky enough to play against Polix in the first round. Yes, the Polix who already had won season 1, because nobody would have been able to catch up in this last tournament and who was our guest in episode 5. I did better than I had expected, eventhough he picked Yang and I didn´t know the matchup all that well yet, I really hate the twins (like everyone else who is not playing them themself).
Next up I had a close and exciting match vs. nozarex´s Sagat, who I could beat in a comeback.
Finally there was Chargi, who is now maining Yun (the tier-whore!) and more or less destroyed me with divekick rushdown.

Looking back at season 1, I didn´t improve in the tournament results all that much, but I feel that I still was able to level up quite a bit and I´m now playing a much more solid Juri. My goal for season 2 can only be to finally get some points and close the gap between me and the guys who usually take home the win.

We finally got a new computer to cut and render our videos on and were able to finish them. The VanDammage kick-off event for season 2 took place already. Unfortunatly I couldn´t visit the tournament myself, but Harry was there to record the matches (here is the playlist) and from what I´ve seen in the videos it was mad hype with more people than ever before showing up at the VirtualDojo Vienna.

It looks like it was the perfect start for season 2 of austrias finest Ranking Battle series and the coming months can only get more hype as we reach the finals in december.

In conclusion I have to give very big shoutouts to the VirtualDojo Vienna and all its members. I´m proud to say that those guys not only became partners of us Super Scrub Fighters but also friends who we enjoy hanging out with. You haven´t seen the last of them in our videos, that´s for sure!

VirtualDojo Vienna Website
VirtualDojo Vienna YouTube Channel

And another very special shoutout to Philipp Scholz aka without.directive who was kind enough to let us use some of his awesome tracks in episode. Please check out his Website and YouTube channel and if you enjoy his music as much as we do, buy an album. This guy deserves to be recognised and supported for the unique and great music he composes!

without.directive Website
without.directive on YouTube

The two tracks wie used were:
without.directive feat. urton – schema f (first symbiosis)
Shoutouts also to urton. Check out his YouTube channel!
without.directive feat. usoidal – isolated fire

Without further ado, enjoy episode 7 below:


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