Super Scrub Fighter S01E06 – Money Match Edition

After weeks of trashtalking and secret teambuilding two of the Robalino brothers and us got together to fight for some money in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Money Match - Austria vs. Ecuador

Money Match - Austria vs. Ecuador

“Weeks of trashtalking” isn´t even an exaggeration. Every time we met, we ensured each other over and over again that their asses are gonna get beat. The Robalino brothers even went so far as to create a Facebook page under the alias “Smash Brothers” just to troll us. They also made sure to keep their MvC3 teams a secret, although it was quite certain that Hulk would show up.

As we finally got together on the day of the match, they still managed to surprise us, since both of them not only had Hulk, but also Sentinel on their teams. To round it off, Jorge picked Magneto and Juan picked Doom on point.
I was still running my day 1 team of Wesker, Dormammu and Phoenix and Harry went with x-23, Dante (instead of Spencer, for an easier way into the DHC glitch) and Akuma.

We were quite confident before the match, since we had put some hours into training, but nothing was able to prepare us for what was to come. As soon as the money-match started, we seemed to have forgotten the most basic setups and were dropping combos left and right.
On the other hand, the Smash Brothers stuck to their obvious gameplan: Use the point character to zone out the opponent and inflict as much damage as possible until either Hulk or Sentinel would get in to bunny-hop around the screen and fish for a random hit, which meant almost certain death for one of our characters. Real combos weren´t even tried, as they were happy enough with random hypers and sticking out their hyper armor moves whenever possible.

With us constantly dropping combos and them not even trying, quite a few matches resulted in a timeout. And all of the matches resulted in (sometimes more, sometimes less) imaginative trashtalking.

The match went back and forth, with both teams winning and losing games and everybody on the edge of their seats. OCVs were accomplished, only to be followed by a few straight losses. At one point we even managed to establish a comfortable lead, only to piss it all away again.

But I don´t want to give away too much of the actual match, which might not be a skill exhibition, but quite entertaining nonetheless. We´ll be splitting it up into several parts and release them over the coming days. Starting with part 1, were all of us are still a bit anxious and completely sober (at least the latter changed rather quickly).

Part 2 starts off with team austria being rather happy after winning the first round and team ecuador being rather salty. Things would change quickly as the Smash Brothers are about to show us how Sentinel is able to OCV with x-factor level 3 and Hulk is able to kill both akuma and dark phoenix in the blink of an eye. Things are heating up and the trashtalking is getting started!

We are back with part 3 as the score is 1:1 in the austria vs. ecuador money match and our guests only need one more win to bring the score up in their favour. It´s up to Harry to secure the win for us (as will be quite a few times in the coming matches). My dark phoenix is getting only a fraction of a second of screen time again.

Part 4 and no end in sight. We continue our scrubby gameplay while getting more and more drunk. The match goes back and forth and I still wasn´t able to put my phoenix to good use, since she either dies almost instantly because of stupid mistakes or I use my hyper bars without consideration for dark phoenix. Will we manage to improve in the coming parts?

The lessons to learn from part 5:
1. Spam
2. Spam more
3. Spam even more
4. Not working? You need to spam more!
5. Still not working? Switch to Hulk or Sentinel and turn on X-Factor

Team Austria is reaching a new high in part 6, because we are actually able to gain a lead. Well, Harry is able to pull it out for us, since I´m mostly busy with drunken slur-trashtalk.

Part 7 continues the trend of part 6 with Team Austria working on a comfortable lead. Even my Dark Phoenix is getting some screen-time. Who would have thought? Will Team Ecuador be able to recover and close in again? I smell a salty comeback!

Team Ecuador starts off with a ton of salt in part 8. They are actually on the best way to getting legitimately pissed off. Things are about to change though, as they manage to get in some wins. This might get exciting again!

In part 9 Team Ecuador is definatly in a better mood, because they are in full trashtalking mode! We just don´t have any recipe against random Hulk, especially with X-Factor Level 3. So they are closing in again while we start to doubt the fact that we are going to win the whole thing.

The teams are tied again and all of us are on the edge of their seats! We don´t give up though and fight for every match, every character and every bit of life. It just seems that luck is no longer on our side, because every clutch situation ends in favour of the Smash Brothers.

The late matches look a lot like the first few, because as soon as one team wins a round, the other team manages to even the score again. This is getting a bit frustrating for us to say the least, especially because the Smash Brothers are now on match point!

This match is coming down to the wire. Both teams are now on match point and it looks like it´s up to me to OCV the Smash Brothers to secure the overal win. Looking at my track record of the previous matches, this might be an impossible task. No matter what, make sure to stick with us until the very end, because the winner is going nuts with hype!

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