Recording of Episode 7

After mentioning the VirtualDojo Vienna quite a few times and even inviting some of their players for episode 4 and episode 5, we will finally take our recording setup with us to vienna to bring you an episode all about the Dojo and espacially the season 1 VanDammage Ranking Battle finals.

VanDammage 1.6 - Season Finals

VanDammage 1.6 - Season Finals

In the first part we will talk to Sidar about how the VirtualDojo Vienna came into existence, what they are trying to accomplish and what their plans for the future look like.

Part two will be all about the finals of the VanDammage Ranking Battles season 1. Who will win the Super Street Fighter IV event? Who will win 3rd Strike? And will the scrubs be able to finally gain some points?
To sugarcoat the whole thing, you will get all the recorded matches on our youtube channel.

As season 1 of the ranbats comes to a close you can look forward to the start of season 2. From then on out everything will be bigger, better and even more hype with BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 joining the ranks of the tournament games. And as previously announced, we will start to put out monthly videos which focus on the ranbats and are seperate from our main show. Oh, and Chargi (whom you know from episode 4) and nozarex will set up a stream with live commentary for these events.

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