Recording of Episode 6

This month turns out to be the most productive for us scrubs yet. After releasing episode 4 and recording episode 5, we continue with the recording of episode 6, which will be released in june.

For this episode we welcome back Jorge (whom you might have seen in episode 2 and episode 3) and his brother Juan (who also accompanied us to switzerland, but was too camera shy to actually appear in that episode).

This time he has no choice, because we´ll be doing an epic money match:
Austria vs. Ecuador

Here is the rundown of what will be played and what the rules look like.

First to 10 in Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

  • The latest version of MvC3 will be used
  • 2on2
  • First to 10
  • One round is won, when all two members of the opposing team have lost one match
  • All matches will be played with standard tournament format settings
  • After a round, only the losing team may change characters
  • After a round, each team may change assists
  • After a round, each team may change the starting player

The price for the winning team is the Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition DLC (one copy for each team-member) and bragging rights for years to come!

You can look forward to the combined power of four scrubs mashing their way through some godlike matches full of trashtalking and namecalling!

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