Scrubby News – April 2011

We realize the break between episode 3 and episode 4 is quite long, but we haven´t been lazy by any means.

dansen loves his stick

dansen loves his stick

First up, as you might have already seen, we´ve been pimping our appearance quite a bit. Our friend Markus Philipp was nice enough to grant us our very own photoshoot and the resulting pictures were used for upgrading the design of this blog and our youtube channel. We will also make a few tweaks here and there (for example our facebook page and twitter icon). One of the pictures that didn´t make it into any layout (for obvious reasons) was used in this blogpost.
While you check out all that graphical ownage, don´t forget to like, subscribe and follow our stuff.

Next on the list is our new partnership with
Big shoutouts to Nicholas, who will be hosting our show on the forementioned website and by doing so made it possible for you guys to find us on iTunes aswell in the near future. We are currently working on some ideas on how to work together in one way or the other, so stay tuned for some awesome stuff.

We´ve been visiting the VirtualDojo Vienna for a few months now and we absolutly love what those guys are doing. People from around europe are watching with jealous eyes as they are creating something unique. It´s safe to say the austrian fighting game community wouldn´t be what it is now, if it wasn´t for them.
Which makes us proud to announce that we are now in a partnership aswell.

The current season of the VanDammage ranking battles is having its finals in june, and with its success, the next season is sure to start bigger and better in july. From then on we will visit this monthly event and record a special episode with coverage from the tournament and interviews with the players. Those episodes will also come in monthly and won´t replace the main show. So you can expect at least 2 videos from us per month, starting in july.
I want to give special shoutouts to nozarex, who is the mastermind behind the ranking battles and chargi, who will start to provide this event with a live-stream, come season 2.

Last but not least, we want to give you a little preview of what you can expect from our main show in the coming months. We plan on inviting more guests and in general have people from the community contributing in any way possible. So if you´re reading this and have an idea on how we can work together: Let us know!

Besides that, we won´t just focus on Super Street Fighter 4, like we did so far. As already anounced, episode 4 will feature Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and episode 5 will feature another game altogether again. Episodes beyond that will feature salty money matches, appearances of community members from around the globe and the scrubs hitting the road again. There might even be a very special summer episode.

We hope you enjoyed our show so far and keep on watching it, because we have just started!

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