Recording of Episode 4 and VanDammage 1.4

April is upon us and with it comes another episode of our little show. Of course we have to record some gameplay, trashtalk and raging first and as we´re back from the Beat By Contest in Switzerland, we take a seat on my comfy couch once again.

On the 23rd of april we´ll drink some beer, sip some whisky and pound on our sticks and pads while getting pummeled by random gamers on PSN. Nothing new there. So to mix it up a little for you, our trusted viewers, this will be a Street Fighter free episode.

We will (as you might have expected) play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This should be quite enjoyable to watch, since we are complete newbies to the whole vs. game series and therefore not just scrubs, but honest to god unexperienced players. Some take that as a challenge, to improve with every loss they have to take. We usually just get pissed, curse at the television and are happy when everything is still in one piece when all is said and done.

We will also welcome a new guest to our show, who comes straight from Vienna. We met him at the VirtualDojo, where he usually takes pleasure in beating up my Juri with his Chun-Li. He took up playing MvC3 aswell and most probably has a well enough headstart in the skills department to go to town on our teams.

As usual, you can add me on PSN (id: dansen) and if you´re online that night, chances are we´ll challenge you for some casuals.

Before we get our recording session and subsequent editing session started, we will visit the VirtualDojo Vienna once again for the monthly ranking battles. This will take place on the 15th of april and besides the main Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike events, a money match between President and Mave in 3rd Strike will take place. Lets get hype!

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