VanDammage Ranking Battles – Half-Time

This past weekend the third VanDammage ranking battle went down at the VirtualDojo Vienna, which means we are now halfway through this season. As expected, the place was crowded with people eager on making some points in both Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

VanDammage Ranking Battles 1.3

VanDammage Ranking Battles 1.3

First things first: How was the tournament and how did I do?
We startet with the SSF4 tournament and my first opponent, Boki, unfortunatly dropped the first match after his stick decided to get a life of his own and hit the start button. I made the second match unnecessarily close, with some missed punish-opportunities, but managed to win in the end.
My second match was against Poli, arguably one of the best players in the Dojo, so I didn´t get my hopes up. He played Abel and just raped me for four straight rounds with mixups resulting from a knockdown or a stepkick.
This put me into the losersbracket, where I had to face Weisskreuz, playing Sagat. He won, and deserved it, but nonetheless this was my first tournament match I really thought I could have done much better in.

With me out of the picture, the usual suspects went on to battle it out. To noones surprise, Poli and Dino endet up in the grand finals and eventhough Dino had a special 2-bar trick, Poli came out victorious in the end. Wie in Japan!

I played some casuals while the SF3 tournament was in progress, so I don´t really know what happend, but I´ve been told it wasn´t short of rage, with a stick getting a severe beating.

You can find all the results of this VanDammage and the results of the whole season so far over at the VirtualDojo homepage.

As already mentioned, I played quite a lot of casuals again, most of them in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Stefans Zero mixups, Dominics random Ammy hypers, Venoms rushdown Wolverine and Taskmaster with Sentinel assist and of course Chargis Chun-Li leg-spam gave me a run for the money, but in the end I was able to hold my ground and stand a chance. Not necessarily with skill, just with Dark Phoenix.
Venom was also nice enough again to play some SSF4 casuals with me (I went 0 in 20, go figure) and give me some much appreciated feedback afterwards.

All in all the tournament and the whole evening / night was a success (as expected). I had quite a lot of fun again, stayed until the early morning hours and am already looking forward to next months edition of the VanDammage ranking battles.

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