Super Scrub Fighter S01E03 – Swiss Edition

As announced in our previous episode, we traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland to visit the BeatBy Contest and record a special episode with footage directly from the tournament, featuring some of the worlds best players.

Beat By Contest

Beat By Contest

It wouldn´t be a typical episode for the scrubs, if there wasn´t some bad gameplay involved, and since you can´t expect Tokido, Mago, Sako, Alioune or one of the other high caliber players to do just that, I registered for the singles tournament aswell, to scrub things up. And I delivered, with two straight losses.

Besides visiting the tournament itself, we also found out that Switzerland is bloody expensive, the nightlife in Lausanne is fun, trains are hardly ever on time and Freddy Mercury knew what he did when he moved to Montreux, because it´s a beautiful place (even when it´s raining).

We also met a lot of nice people from the fighting game community, most of all the guys from Neutrons. If you can, visit the Max DamagermanY tournament in Frankfurt, Germany from the 18th to 19th of march. Those guys and a lot of great players from around the world will be there to compete in SSF4 and Tekken 6.

Without further ado, here is episode 3, featuring our friend Jorge:

I want to give some shoutouts to the following people:

  • AGTrio for the great music we used in this episode
  • Trash-Shirts for the apparel they made for us
  • Tuma14 and DonkeyKnifer, my opponents in the singles tournament
  • All the nice guys who lent me their sticks so I could play in the tournament and get some casuals in
  • All the people who made this event possible

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And finally, here´s a teaser for our next episode: Hyper! Hyper!

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