Super Scrub Fighter S01E02 – Mash Edition

We are back with episode 2 and as promised, we invited our first guest. He moved to Austria from South America and he might claim that he did it for work or life reasons, but we know better. He came here to have easier and cheaper access to PSN, so he could troll the living hell out of everyone unfortunate enough to play against him.

Since our guest comes from a foreign country and eventhough he does understand and speak german, our dialect is just too much to handle for him, so we opted to speak english.

While Jorge was busy mashing shoryukens, Harry and I got our asses handed to us again. Yes, we haven´t gained any considerable amount of skill and while our conservative goal was to not drop below the 2000 playerpoints we accumulated last time, we still managed to fail miserably.

Nonetheless we played and recorded until 4am, had a lot of fun, even more to drink and no playsession would be complete without some serious rage. So much rage and fun that the usual 15 minutes just couldn´t contain it all. Which means that this time around you get two videos for the price of one.

You may remember, when we wrote for episode 1, that we found the worst flowchart mashing ken ever. Well… It looks like we were wrong, because Jorge not only claimed that title for himself, he destroyed everything you might have thought possible.

Don´t believe us? Just watch:

Part 1

Part 2

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Next months’ episode will be all about the BeatBy Contest in Switzerland. So there´s something to look forward to!

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One Response to Super Scrub Fighter S01E02 – Mash Edition

  1. DerWisser says:

    Too Nice :D Mashing for the Win!!!

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