BeatBy Contest – First Major for the Scrubs

From 18th to 21st of february the scrubs, together with our mashing friend Jorge, will be in Lausanne, Switzerland, to check out the BeatBy Contest, which will take place on the 19th and 20th at the Renen’s showroom.

While being there, we will also record episode 3 of our show, which means that this is our first special episode without us just getting blown up on PSN. This event is also special for the reason that it´s the first major tournament we visit and at least I (dansen) will participate in the singles tournament with the likes of Justing Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Marn, Tokido, Mago, Sako, Dieminion, Luffy, Alioune and many more. If there is any kind of seeding in place I might even get to play against one of those top players in the first round.

So far it seems I´m also the only austrian participant, which is kind of sad, because I know we have players in our country who would make for a much better representation of what we´re capable of.

You can look forward to an episode full of our awesome fighting-game community and me getting obliterated in the singles tournament. As long as someone is able to lend me an XBox 360 arcade-stick that is, since I only own one for the Playstation. So if you´re there aswell, you might help me out and most importantly just come up to us, get to know us and hopefully get wasted with us after the tournament!

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