Recording of Episode 1 and Ranking Battles

We are going to record episode 1 of Super Scrub Fighter on wednesday, 19.01.2011, starting at 7 pm CET and you can join in.

We´ll be playing Super Street Fighter IV online and will most likely lose most of the time. You can make sure to send us into ragemode by adding me on PSN (ID: dansen), challenge us and kick our asses. Please mention Super Scrub Fighter in your add-request, since I don´t add just any random person.

The best (and in our case most probably worst) matches and scenes of the evening will make it into our first show.

On another note, if you want to play me face to face and meet the people behind one of the main cornerstones of the austrian fighting game community, come by the VirtualDojo Vienna on friday, 21.01.2011. They will be holding the first austrian SSF4 and SF3: 3rd Strike ranking battles. You can find all the infos and register here.

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