Ranking Battles Premiere

Last friday the first austrian Super Street Fighter IV ranking battles went down and it was a blast!

VirtualDojo Vienna Ranbats 1.1

VirtualDojo Vienna Ranbats

The event was a complete success. A lot of people showed up, participated in the tournament and contributed to the general hype. Nozarex was nice enough to take care of the brackets and did all he could to make everything run smoothly.

I even won a match, just to go straight to losers and then out of the tournament right after. But no salty feelings could emerge, as I got to play a bunch of great casual matches. Every visit to the VirtualDojo Vienna improves my game in ways I just couldn´t replicate with online play, no matter how hard I tried.

The grand finals where pure hype, as Poli (Fei Long) had to battle his way out of losers and then win another set to take the whole thing. Against Venom (Dictator) nonetheless.

When everything was said and done, we continued to play casual matches and talk shit until dawn. I can´t wait until next months edition of the ranbats comes around and we get to do it all over again!

I posted a bunch of photos I took that night on our facebook profile page. Even more photos and some videos can be found on the homepage of the VirtualDojo Vienna. Make sure to check those out and don´t forget to come by to the next edition of the ranbats if you have the chance!

Special shoutouts to Poli, Rafi and Venom for not only playing casuals with me, but also taking the time to give me helpfull insights and tips on how to improve my game. Thanks guys!

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