Introduction and Teaser

Welcome to the home of Super Scrub Fighter!

I´m going to keep this post short, since you can find all the infos about our show in the “About” section.

The year has just startet and as promised, we´re going to release episode 1 of Super Scrub Fighter by the end of january. In this first video you will get to know the hosts (Harry and me), see the visual style Harry came up with for the show and witness the reason why we call ourself scrubs.
Yes, we´re going to get our asses handed to us in some online Super Street Fighter 4 matches.

If you haven´t seen it yet, check out this small teaser we put up a few days ago. And while you´re at it, follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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One Response to Introduction and Teaser

  1. DerWisser says:

    Good Work, nice page! Hope we see you soon :D

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