Super Scrub Fighter S01E01 – First Edition

It´s finally here. The series and season premiere of Super Scrub Fighter.

In this first episode you get to know the hosts (us), the planned format of the show and the great artstyle Harry came up with (especially the intro of awesomeness). And of course, with us being scrubs, you get to see some of our online matches, in which we get owned like there´s no tomorrow.

As unlikely as it may seem, we managed to find the scrubiest Ken on PSN. You have to see this match in action, to believe it.

All in all we played 82 matches, lost most of them and in my typical playstyle I whiffed around 3 times more ultras than I managed to land. There´s no point in denying we got drunk aswell, and that’s the reason why we might have to put subtitles in the video. Otherwise you will not understand our slur, even if you speak german.

The boxer matchup might be my worst right now, eventhough we repeatedly proclaimed the matchup we had to play next to be the worst. What can I say, no scrub is complete without whining. Shoutouts to snakeeyez_VIE (the reason I hate boxer now) for joining us in endless battles. Hopefully next time more of you will join in to beat our asses.

Enough talk, enjoy the show!

If you´re asking yourself about the awesome song playing during the movie:
That´s Opium A-Moll (acoustic) by The Persistance and you can download their recently released EP Shutting Down The City Lights on their website.

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In conclusion, here´s a small teaser for next months’ episode:
Mash that shit! Puta!

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